Chiddy Bang is Like a Car That Can Fly --> AWESOME

Chiddy Bang draw comparisons to the Cool Kids, but in actuality they are very different, aside from being cool that is. Sonically and sample wise, Chiddy Bang is a hipster's dream. Sampling/remixing massively popular tracks like Kids and Day and Night, Chiddy Bang manage to maintain the core of the original songs, but still add their own distinctive feel.

Whether it is humorous, topical rhymes or just some great electronic reworking, Chiddy Bang delivers a slew of hipster rap anthems. I am a sucker for sports rap references and Chiddy Bang know how to use them. Any rapper that can coherently name drop both Rajon Rondo and Memhet Okur, while insulting Asher Roth gets a gold star in my book.

.... 9 p.m. Thursday 14th May 2009 EST
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