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The Band--"The Shape I'm In" (mp3) The Magnetic Fields--"Acoustic Guitar" (mp3) Slowly, very slowly, I am trying to get my chops back. Now, I'm not claiming that I ever had great chops to begin with, but they were certainly a whole lot more than what they are now. We're talking about guitar here.<br/><br/> In terms of sideburns, I never had any chops and could probably let them grow until Doomsday and never get anything more than wisps. I can hear it it now: "Hey, nice wisps." I've never looked up the official definition of the word "chops," if there is such a thing, but I've always understood it to mean (quotations mine, for my definition) "playing with fluidity and grace, .... 2:01 p.m. Monday 20th April 2009 EST
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