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Chris Cornell: ... and if anyone ...

Chris Cornell: ... and if anyone else enjoys it, it's a bonus

Chris Cornell has issued a grumpy response to fans who don't like what he's doing now. Tough, this is Chris time : "Older American fans don't like it because they are typically my core fans that really supported me in SOUNDGARDEN and really loved that band," Cornell said. "To them, that's kind of who I am, I'm that guy in that band, and I'm that guy who wrote those songs." Cornell claims that he is a musician that needs to take chances to grow and be imaginative with his music.

"As a songwriter and creative person, I have to do what makes me happy. That changes, it goes into different worlds," Cornell explained. "Sometimes it's going to be in the ....

5:38 a.m. Monday 23rd March 2009 EST
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