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Christ, what's in his head?

I love words. This a cloud of descriptive tags I sporadically left on songs in my last fm library (2007 'til now). I like how it shows the way I grapppled with music I liked and made mental sense of it.

I'm completely lacking in practical musical knowledge and abiltiy; I think these words indicate that. But they still look pretty cool, no? 80s a giant domed roof a great truth about to be revealed but never quite alien ambient sMoro/library/tags?tag=crackly&view;=cloud'/> crackly delirium destroyed domed dreaming dreams where you can fly dry dub meets tech dusty early hardcore eerie electonic electronic electronica enigma flying glitch gloom head-spinning heart-breaking heartbreak heebie jeebie heratbroken honest hot tar hypnotic if machinery could dream ....
11:45 a.m. Thursday 30th July 2009 EST
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