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Circulatory System: Circulatory System: Signal Morning

Circulatory System: Circulatory System: Signal Morning

It's time for a Circulatory System history lesson for the uninitiated. In 1999, Olivia Tremor Control’s record label folded due to bankruptcy, leaving the Athens, Georgia-based musical conclave appraising its future. Bill Doss left to begin constructing his Beatles shrine-cum-indie outfit The Sunshine Fix, while songwriter/painter William "Will" Cullen Hart was joined by much of his former band for a darker new venture, Circulatory System.

The System's self-titled debut was released on Hart's label, Cloud Recordings, in August of 2001 to almost universal acclaim. Hart's crew mutated the more simple British Invasion-like pop of Doss into a more alienated listening experience, rife with lysergic martial rhythms, minor key symphonies, and a meandering neo-psychedelic orchestration that favors sinewy texture over linear .... 12:11 p.m. Saturday 25th April 2009 EST
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