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Cities Down Under

It's once again time to travel to Australia where we find the origins of Dappled Cities . The 1997-born band has just released their third album Zounds on Dangerbird , and it's the first one that was written and produced at their new home in the USA. Some of you might know the band from their first albums, then released as Dappled Cities Fly .<br/><br/> Well, the Fly obviously stayed in Australia (as if they hadn't enough of those pests already... ;) ), but Dappled Cities took the talent to the states, and that's what counts. Zounds is an epic, glorious and ambitious pop/rock-project that glitters and shines on every corner.<br/><br/> But it is definitely not a polished and edgeless .... 11:10 p.m. Tuesday 15th September 2009 EST
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