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CJ Milli - The Peoples Homecoming

CJ Milli - The Peoples Homecoming

About a month ago, I lost my already "barely there" mind when CJ Milli hit up my inbox with a dastardly rock mix that grabbed heavy hitters Van Halen, Drowning Pool and Disturbed, and made you want to dance to a hair bandish screamer of a mash. But now, Milli goes along a more aurally aesthetic route with a pleasant mix of Kanye West's Homecoming paired with the Jimmy2Sox Remix of Empire of the Sun's We Are the People . You might think to yourself, "wait WHAT"? But then you listen to this expertly crafted mix, and you stop and go, " oh hell ya!" Which brings us to her second fix.

Remember Nappy Roots, they of the best hip-hop .... 10:46 p.m. Friday 19th June 2009 EST
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