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Classic Album: The Stooges 'The Stooges'

"Here’s a track from a new album coming soon on Elektra,” announced John Peel’s dulcet tones one Sunday afternoon in August 1969. Expecting the new Incredible String Band album, it came as some shock when the slavering wah-wah intro of ‘Little Doll’ heralded the first time that The Stooges were heard in the UK. They immediately stood out like the sorest of thumbs.

If Led Zeppelin’s debut album of the same year laid the musical blueprint for the first half of the ’70s, The Stooges forged another template for the decade’s latter years, although few would have believed it at the time. But it’s too simplistic to hail the monumental contents of ‘The Stooges’ as punk rock’s prototype, despite the ....
From 'Clash Music'
9:55 p.m. Thursday 29th October 2009 EST
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