Classic Experimental Film "Begone Dull Care" ...

Classic Experimental Film "Begone Dull Care" Really Lives Up To Its Name [Begone Dull Care, I Prithee Begone From Me]

When I heard the title of Junior Boys ' new album, Begone Dull Care , I spontaneously burst into an inspiring rendition of the Scottish folk song of the same name for an audience of my roommate (and the cat). I was totally stoked that perhaps Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus were referencing the song I was forced to sing in high school choir. After a little research, however, I found out that, unlike the unfortunately ultra-bland tracks I've heard from the album so far (bummer!), the actual inspiration for the album's title came from experimental filmmaker Norman McLaren and his brilliant and gorgeous film of the same name from 1949, scored by the Oscar Petersen Trio .

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