Clipse: "Kinda Like a Big Deal" ...

Clipse: "Kinda Like a Big Deal" ft. Kanye West

Way back in February, Entertainment Weekly posted a first listen of "Kinda Like a Big Deal," the first single from Clipse's third album Till The Casket Drops , saying it was going to be out on March 9. March 9 came and went, and so did April 9. But today, on April 20, the song has finally premiered.

The most noticeable thing about "Kinda Like a Big Deal" is the serating electric guitar and organ beat courtesy of DJ Khalil, one of the non-Neptunes producers working on tracks for the forthcoming Drops . Pusha T kicks the track off with a verse about the third time being the charm, which is a theme he broached at length on Road to .... 2:38 a.m. Tuesday 21st April 2009 EST
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