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Clockwork Noise on Balcony TV

Clockwork Noise on Balcony TV

Clockwork Noise appeared on Balcony TV yesterday to promote our new EP, Yes and No and Everything In Between- which is released on April 24th. Thanks to Stephen & Pauline for having us! The band will be playing a gig on the night of the 24th in Greystones Theatre, opening for the excellent Heritage Centre . We'll have copies of the EP with us for sale on the night, which thanks to the great work of Jochem Van Wetten and Halley-Anne Kennedy will look like this .

The song we performed on the famous balcony is the fourth track from the EP, The Brink , so just for shits & giggles here's the studio version: Clockwork Noise- The Brink Clockwork .... 11:57 p.m. Saturday 11th April 2009 EST
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