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Club 1994! 111 Minna! With Lady ...

Don't miss it! Club 1992 was a blast in July, and now 1994 is hitting hard in August. Believe me, this party is worth the effort. Check out pics from the last time around here Finally! A NEW DANCE PARTY in SF! The 90's are in! Come back when JTT ruled pop culture, Zach & Kelly couldn't stay broken up & slap bracelets were at the pinnacle of fashion.<br/><br/> Get down with two rooms playing strictly 90's. Bust out your Cabbage Patch in the Hip-Hop and R&B room and sing along to your pop d ... READ MORE >> This article is from our RSS feed - read the full version at: Club 1994! 111 Minna! With Lady Miss Kier ....<br/><br/> 4:13 a.m. Friday 7th August 2009 EST
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