Coachella 2010 - prep for last ...

I want to thank everyone for putting up with this brief break here at Alizee Nation. Today is the last day of the Coachella Festival and we will be back posting pictures of Alizée's eye's, ear's, nose, and feet before you know it. So what is Coachella? It started in 1999 and has been primarily for indie type acts.

It is held in Indio, California. Starting last year the dates were moved forward...some say to avoid 100 degree F days others say to make room for more concerts... Next week is a similar country and western flavor festival called the Stagecoach Festival.

Rumors abound about a 3rd Festival next year...R&B;, HipHop...maybe nothing. It is held on the "Polo Grounds". It ....

From 'Alizee Nation'
5:03 a.m. Monday 19th April 2010 EST
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