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Composer David Noland Talks The "Magic ...

Composer David Noland Talks The "Magic Rooted In Pain" Of The Rock-Doc 'Anvil!'

When we wrote about the " sun-stroked and beautiful ambient" score to the rock documentary, " Anvil! The Story of Anvil ," we included it in our Best Soundtracks, Scores and Movie Music of 2008 piece -- but we got one thing crucially wrong. We credited the score to composer David Torn (" The Wacknes s ," " Lars & The Real Girl "). And while he did compose four or five cues for the Sacha Gervasi -directed documentary, it was in fact, L.A.

composer David Norland who wrote the bulk of the score. We fucked this up because we saw 'Anvil' last summer before there were proper press notes, the credits whirled by and the name we seized upon .... 5 a.m. Wednesday 4th February 2009 EST
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