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Confirmed: Meryl Streep Replaced Cate Blanchett ...

Confirmed: Meryl Streep Replaced Cate Blanchett In Wes Anderson's 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'? Owen Wilson, Willem Dafoe & Adrien Brody Are Part Of Voice Cast

Wes Anderson 's stop-motion animated adaptation of Roal Dahl 's " Fantastic Mr. Fox " testscreened in New York this weekend and a surprising number of knowledgeable sources of ours attended. They confirm that Meryl Streep not Cate Blanchett (as once was the plan) voices the lead Mrs.

Fox -- the husband of Mr. Fox as voiced by George Clooney -- and that additional rumored voice cast members Owen Wilson, Michael Gambon (who was already rumored for sometime), Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody, Jarvis Cocker and Wes Anderson himself, are legit and part of the film. Voices that are harder to spot but are also "rumored" to be in the film are Eric Anderson , Garth Jenning (" The Hitchhiker's Guide ....

3:11 a.m. Tuesday 5th May 2009 EST
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