Constantines & Crystal Antlers Plan Short Tour of the U.S. Together :: w/ Austin date

Crystal Antlers are currently on tour , but as of today they've decided to announce more extensive U.S. tour plans. In June, they will be opening up for Constantines on a two week jaunt across the states, and it just so happens they will be stopping here in Austin to perform at Emo's , inside no less.

Tickets for the June 6th show are $10 and trust us when we say this is a show you don't want to miss. The rest of the tour dates are down below, as well as a couple of songs for you to check out. Crystal Antlers - Andrew (mp3) Constantines - Soon Enough (mp3) [ Constantines Myspace ] [ Crystal Antlers Myspace ] ....

9:01 a.m. Friday 24th April 2009 EST
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