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CONTEST: Still Life Still, The D'Urbervilles ...

CONTEST: Still Life Still, The D'Urbervilles and The Paint Movement @ The Silver Dollar

STILL LIFE STILL Everybody needs a support group, and from what I've seen, no Toronto band has a greater one than Still Life Still . In a recent interview on the Zygiella podcast with local sensations Dinosaur Bones , the members of that band could not stop singing their praises. The notorious Lonely Vagabond has described them as a "sonic-stew of epic rock with rhythmic theatrics rivaling that of a frat celebration." And James L.

Burling of Boxes and Bags has declared Still Life Still to be the best band in Toronto, no question. To add to such incredibly high praise, the band is planning on releasing their debut album this summer on none other than the highly influential Arts .... 5:24 a.m. Sunday 22nd February 2009 EST
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