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Contrast Podcast Best of 2009 (So ...

It's a mouthful, but it has to be said: today's episode of the contrast podcast finishes looking at the best of 2009 (so far) part two. My pick ( Fanfarlo ) was in last week's show but you should definitely check it out this week, too, which you can do right here . Next week we're moving on and the theme will be "Yes," so please say yes and join in the fun.<br/><br/> I've been thinking a bit more about what I consider the best of 2009 and to tell you the truth, two of my favorite albums thus far are from 2008! If I'd heard Amanda Palmer 's Who Killed Amanda Palmer and Windmill 's Puddle City Racing Lights .... 9:06 a.m. Wednesday 22nd April 2009 EST
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