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Cookin' for Fufu Stew

Having enjoyed Vincent's tasty treats for quite some time I was honoured to be invited to come on into his kitchen to serve up my own mixed dish. I seriously suggest you venture over to Fufu Stew and sample all of the guest mixes as well as Vincent's delicious home cooking. Here's a link to my contribution , it's called Cookin' and it goes a little something like this.<br/><br/> mp3: Cookin' * *74MB Serves 45 What you need 1 Australian soulcover 2 freakbeats, peeled and chopped (preferably European) 2 big N'awlins bangers, sliced 4-5 wheels of modfloorfiller a large handful of perfectly ripe soulheartbreakers (Northern) a pinch of freshly grated fratrock a bunch of originalversions 4-5 tablespoons of funk The .... 10:01 a.m. Thursday 27th March 2008 EST
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