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Cool As Ice

Cool As Ice

No, this isn't the theme song to Vanilla Ice's '91 movie opus, I just couldn't do that to you. At least, not yet. Rather it's the much cooler '83 Factory Records release of 52nd Street's "Cool As Ice" .

I totally love this early 80s, basement sounding, british electro/r'n'b. This track also got special treatment from Jellybean Benitez , which makes it 'twice as nice'. The second single is a chill dub version of the original.

52nd Street - Cool As Ice 52nd Street - Twice As Nice Live version of "Cool As Ice". "Fly on the wall" short film shot in Factory's Strawberry Studio with New Order's Stephen Morris and engineer Chris Nagle recording 52nd Streets hit "Can't Afford" .... 2:27 p.m. Thursday 9th April 2009 EST
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