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Cory G's Top 40 Songs of ...

There's a part of me that thinks these year end lists are a little silly. Everybody does one and in general you end up seeing the same handful of songs on everybody's lists --only in a slightly different order. The massive increase in traffic, however, shows that people really do love these lists.

But come on, in the end though you don't really care if I rank Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks" 4 slots higher than St. Vincent's "Marrow" or 8 slots below it. So here they are, IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, the top 40 songs that I liked the most this year.

1. St. Vincent – Marrow 2.

Two Weeks – Grizzly Bear 3. Paper Chase – What Should We ....
1:02 a.m. Friday 18th December 2009 EST
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