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Cotton Jones

"Blood Red Sentimental Blues" from the album Paranoid Cocoon 2009 iTunes Cotton Jones is the new-ish project of Michael Nau, who spun out several twee-pop statements as the brains behind Page France until the group called it quits last year. The Cumberland, Md. bandleader had quietly released a trio of EPs and 2008's full-length, The River Strumming , under his new moniker (which was itself shortened from the Cotton Jones Basket Ride).

However, Paranoid Cocoon is the strongest indication yet that Nau is ready to forge ahead with a unified new approach replete with more vintage instruments and fewer overt religious references in the lyrics. Most of all, Nau's most noticeable adjustment is his voice, which scraps the previously favored ....
From 'Jonk Music'
12:23 p.m. Tuesday 22nd December 2009 EST
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