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Cotton Jones: Rio Ranger EP; Where ...

Where You Stop For A Minute [mp3] (from the new Rio Ranger EP!) Home Is Where [mp3] ...same song, from Cotton Jones' Live Luxury Wafers Session Here comes the last of a clever little 3-part series of hardcover, handcrafted, limited edition CD books released by Cotton Jones : the Rio Ranger EP ( Quite Scientific , 9/8/09). 5 new songs - Only Minutes Young, Nicotine Canaries, Don't Got A Lotta Time, Always Feeling Good , and Where You Stop For A Minute (above). Included in the book are the things you'd expect to find in a book: artwork and writing.<br/><br/> From old-school folk to psychedelic, demon-slaying-influenced, reverberating waves-in-a-puddle, new-old-school folk, Portland-based Michael Nau and Whitney McGraw seem incapable of misstep, .... 3:07 p.m. Tuesday 4th August 2009 EST
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