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Could Gerard Way Direct His Own ...

You'll recall goth rocker Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance --- who recently butchered the shit out of a Bob Dylan cover for " Watchmen " -- wrote a graphic novel called, " The Umbrella Academy ," that has Hollywood interested. Shooting for the stars and a little naive, Way told the L.A. Times a few months ago , he wanted people like director Alfonso Cuarón (" Children of Men ") , screenwriter Diablo Cody , Michel Gondry and or even Wes Anderson to work on his cinematic graphic novel adaptation.<br/><br/> Unfortunately, Way thought his goth-cheese sensibilities were too much like Anderson's. "I think [Anderson's] too close to home. It's too much to the source, unfortunately for me.<br/><br/> I think .... 3:15 a.m. Wednesday 18th February 2009 EST
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