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Could Paul Thomas Anderson's Next Movie ...

Could Paul Thomas Anderson's Next Movie Be A Western About Outlaw Bob Dalton?

Is PTA making a western for his next film? We saw shots of Paul Thomas Anderson on the set of Adam Sandler 's new super-group comedy , " Grown Ups " and were like, " wtf ?," until we realized he was just visiting with the wife and kids ( Maya Rudolph has a role). Fine. but we got to thinking, whats PTA up to? IMDB is not really a place to start for new project scoops, but we figured we'd start there and lo and behold under in-development, there's a project called, " Desparadoes ," and it's undeniably a western.

Synopsis: "The story of Bob Dalton, the gang of professional outlaws he put together in the late 1800s, and .... 1:35 a.m. Saturday 30th May 2009 EST
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