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Cover News: May 30, 2009

Cover News: May 30, 2009

Cover News is a weekly feature where I sum up the week’s cover-related news, whether it’s new to the world or just new to me. Anything that doesn’t fit in my regular thematic posts I think my readers would enjoy, be it a youtube video, a blog shout-out, or a cool-looking new release. I also post all the submissions I have gotten from record labels and artists.

Send suggestions or submissions to the email address on the right. This Week's News First and foremost, let me direct your attention to Thursday's cover debut: Germany's own derpferdheissthorst takes on David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" by popular demand here . Over 500 people have already downloaded it - what are you waiting for? ....

11:50 a.m. Sunday 31st May 2009 EST
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