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Cpt. Captain - "Nascar Diarrhea Presents ...

I n conjunction with the release of BATHTIME , our essential compilation of Missouri's most exciting young bands, we asked each of the featured bands to fill out a short profile to introduce themselves to the esteemed Bathysphere reader and BATHTIME listener. Today we get to know the charming fellows of Cpt. Captain, the band formerly and notoriously known as Nascar Diarrhea.<br/><br/> This is your captain speaking: Hometown: Columbia Formed: 2008? Label: n/a Genre: yes wave/tweegaze Favorite NASCAR driver: Tony Stewart, Kyle Petty, Tom Cruise Other ideas for a band name: Hot Church, Mark Twang, Gurrrl, the Black Dire Straits, Da Josh Cochran Seven, Progzilla, Slouchy, As Good as Ezra Beards: 3.5 Favorite method of guitar destruction: Temper tantrum Favorite .... 10 p.m. Wednesday 25th March 2009 EST
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