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Creation Records Founder Screws Up The ...

Creation Records Founder Screws Up The Courage To Admit That George Michael Was Awesome

Apparently, the news that George Michael was a pop genius is so big, The Guardian 's music blog had to let Alan McGee take time out from his usual My Bloody Valentine bashing to pen a 650-ish paean to his brilliance: " Faith (the album) was classic pop. It found Michael moving into Brian Wilson Pet Sounds territory. Seriously--Michael co-produced, wrote all the songs, played most of the instruments and sang backing vocals and harmonies." So basically McGee is trying to placate the Guardian audience by appealing to their rockist tendencies, and getting into the semi-dicey "authenticity" argument (the piece ends with him nattering on about "manufactured pop" and Neil Young).

I always feel weird about throwing down that particular .... midnight Thursday 4th June 2009 EST
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