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Creed: Creed Announce Reunion and Album, ...

Creed: Creed Announce Reunion and Album, Even God Isn't Vaguely Interested

It was only a matter of time before this happened: Creed have announced plans to reunite for a tour and a new album. In case you forgot, Creed was that band that made you feel bad about liking Pearl Jam because they made the self-serious anthem rock bands like Creed popular. Here's what Stapp said about the reunion: “I said, ‘I love you and if I’ve ever caused you any pain in your life forgive me.’ And they said the same things right back." ROFLCOPTER.

But this ain't no cash-in reunion (or a party): Creed say they're joing up together for a "renewing" and a "re-birth" which wouldn't seem so lame if it wasn't probably a metaphor having to do .... 5:09 a.m. Tuesday 28th April 2009 EST
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