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CROOKERS ANIMAL MICRO MIX 3 An ancient Assyrian depiction of an Anunnaki "eagleman" or "god." In his pail he carries a load of monatomic (not diatomic) gold, a fluffy white powder that is a superconductor at room temperature. By ingesting it, the Anunnaki prevented premature aging on Earth. The pinecone refers to the PINEal gland in the brain that once activated opens the "Third Eye" of Wisdom, like this one: TRACKLIST: 1 Hired Goons – Herbert 2 Don’t Hide It – Alex Kid 3 The Whole She Banged – Harvard Bass remix + Fukk Yeah – Dj Sega 4 Peanuts Club – Brodinski and Noob (BeatAuCue RMX) 5 Keep It Going Louder – Major Lazer (Diplo RMX) 6 Put Your Hands on Me – ....

From 'Marduk '
12:41 a.m. Friday 16th October 2009 EST
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