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Crystal Antlers - "Tentacles"

Crystal Antlers' Tentacles , a collection of sweaty psychedelia and noisily expansive garage rock, was ostensibly the last new album to be released by Touch & Go. Sad, yeah, but good to see the label pause on something so alive. You've seen and heard the bluesy first single " Andrew ." The Long Beach sextet's second Tentacles single is the more raucous, pared-down title track.

If you aren't already familiar, it'd be good to get it down in time for the band's upcoming tour. Speaking of which: The brief adrenaline shot will go well with their pair of dates with the Black Lips. Continue reading Crystal Antlers - "Tentacles"....

From 'stereogum'
12:41 a.m. Thursday 30th July 2009 EST
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