Crystal Castles — Crystal Castles

Really, what is it about Crystal Castles that makes people go apeshit? It can't be their music. How have they succeeded at brainwashing so many people into liking them? Three tracks into the duo's sophomore release, things already feel tired. You start rolling your eyes, thinking, "Oh, great, here's more screeching vocals from Alice that Ethan's distorted beyond comprehension.

Hmm, where have I heard this one before?" "Baptism" is yet another lame Boney-M ripoff with Nintendo sounds thrown in over Alice's distorted vocals. But CC fans will think it's, like, totally original and creative, man, and proves just how innovative and great they are. Things do get a bit interesting with "Year Of Silence," which features a sample from Sigur ....

From 'CHARTattack'
6:09 a.m. Saturday 15th May 2010 EST
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