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Cult Ritual

I won't lie to you German indie kids out there, I like hardcore. Brutal fucking hardcore that makes children bleed from the ears like Clement from Torchwood did. Yes, you really just did read a sentence with the words 'hardcore' and 'Torchwood' in it.<br/><br/> I'm not ashamed. Cult Ritual are eponymously, according to the divine blog stratosphere, "Musically compared to Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov, the first man to die in outer space." I'd say this was a fraction of the real truth. Personally, I'd describe them as the musical equivalent of harvesting a Little Sister whilst shitting razorblades and gouging your eyes out with a sieve that contains a pinch of 'emotional bullshit'.<br/><br/> But that's exactly the kind of music I .... 8:54 a.m. Monday 13th July 2009 EST
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