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Cult With No Name - Careful ...

Cult With No Name - Careful What You Wish For

The second album release to date from`Cult With No Name`is a true master of disguise, a shaman of multiple influences laid down with care and precision, something quite beautiful is formed between keyboards and vocals, something very special. `Careful What You Wish For` seems almost haunting during parts of this fourteen track journey, cautiously jubilant in others, Erik Stein and Jon Boux have managed to very successfully create an album so original, it unquestionably seems years ahead of it`s time. `Careful What You Wish For` probably contains one of the most unpretentious cover versions I have heard in a long time, a stripped down and seemingly bare interpretation of `Golden Brown` by `The Stranglers`.

This track will not surprisingly shine .... 6:01 p.m. Sunday 16th November 2008 EST
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