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Cut Copy, live @ Terminal 5, ...

Cut Copy, live @ Terminal 5, Manhattan. 03.21.2009

photo by "the 'Quiet' American" It was at least partly a byproduct of personal circumstance, but Cut Copy's show this weekend felt less like a concert and more like a scene in a movie in which the protagonists take time out to casually attend one. I breezed in, slightly late, to hear In Ghost Colours ' first (best?) clever/dumb pop moment: "All girls of note are crying/ Boo hoo! Boo hoo," as if it was cued to my entry. The crowd was already in motion, with Cut Copy's warm pastel light set-up making everything look like an impossibly kinetic sea of extras, perfectly bouncing in time.

It took only seconds to note the obvious demographic reality that the Australian band .... 2:31 a.m. Tuesday 24th March 2009 EST
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