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da style deh

Douster "King Of Africa" Above is a reason why everyone should fall in love with Africa. The high spirited, fun-loving attitudes that this fiery continent shows, fits hand in hand with a music scene built on having a good time at parties. It's also a cheeky preview of what the latest Douster creation sounds like; lion roars, kids playing bongo drums and tribal skank dancing.<br/><br/> It's got the lot. In fact you can tell these influences in the naughty Argentinian's work i.e. his previous remix for Busy Signal 's "Da Style Deh".<br/><br/> Just this time everything is getting a little more dirty, like 'come jump on my booty whilst we provocatively simulate this daring sex position to the sound of .... 11:30 p.m. Thursday 3rd September 2009 EST
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