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Dada Life - Happy Hands & ...

Dada Life - Happy Hands & Happy Feet

Here’s a little something you should know about. It’s underground sensation Dada Lifey Feet” EP . The original’s got a totally unique sound with a dirty 4/4 beat, bleepy effects and some truly warped vocals.

On the remix front, Dada Life secured the talents of Malente, Alex Gopher, Moonbotica and Phatzoo for some twisted alternate versions of the track. Inspired by John Cage, Early Acid House, Trance, 60s Psychedelia and Little Richard, among other things, Dada Life has emerged with a unique sound that’s modeled from a broad canvas of musical stimulation. When performing as a live act Dada Life is one box of bananas, a couple of bottles of Champagne and a lot of sweat and broken equipment.

On .... 1:05 p.m. Thursday 2nd April 2009 EST
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