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Daft Punk To Cameo In 'Tron ...

Bit of a slow day and we're also not compelled to write about a lot in full (ironically we're behind about six or seven reviews, le sigh...). Daft Punk are evidently going to make a cameo in " Tron Legacy ." "They were in the movie," Olivia Wilde told MTV about the French electro-house rockers who have also composed the film's score (which will be the only truly interesting part to us). Wondering about Nimród Antal 's " Armored ," his foll0w-up to the horror " Vacancy "? It's hitting theaters December 4 and it's apparently been completed for a long time.<br/><br/> Antal is currently prepping " Predators " in Austin, Texas for a October shoot in Hawaii. We thought .... 8:35 a.m. Tuesday 6th October 2009 EST
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