Daft Wiley.

Daft Wiley.

Now I think this fascination with Daft Punk is...over the top. Like, they're alright, and they've done wonders for dance music and that, but they're not AMAZING to me. I know a lot of people will disagree, and I can see why people say they're amazing, but it's just not my taste.

I like them, obviously, but I prefer other people. Same with The Beatles. OOOHHHH..

Whatevs. So Wiley's next single is sampling Daft Punk, just like Kanye did. Kanye's song was alright, but I heard it went through production a shit load to get it there (and those glasses are just fucking ridiculous).

It's this trend of french electro at the moment, I do love it, massive fan. Obviously, .... 8:30 p.m. Friday 29th August 2008 EST
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