Damo Suzuki, Kawabata Makoto and Saturation ...

Damo Suzuki, Kawabata Makoto and Saturation Point (minus Thoughtforms)

Kawabata certainly demonstrated his mad guitar philosophy, tearing at the lock grooved concoctions with amazing zeal – I danced to within an inch of my life, burning up on the energies, Mr O to my side, bounced around to the tribal impetus while I convulsed to Makoto’s knife edges… Mr Suzuki sucked us into his vocal mantra… God knows what he was saying… caught all sorts of strange snippets and mis-hearings, melting along that heavy reverb … horizon of eyes…smiles…miles of aisles…tango fries… ah fuck it, this man was incredible! Weaving his voice over epic distances, all that gibber, fusing everything together, that mouth of his always infused, dragging his breath back deep inside, forcing his features around the mic, .... 5:05 a.m. Monday 8th December 2008 EST
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