dance dreams - lady gaga vs. ...

dance dreams - lady gaga vs. eurythmics

† FROM DJ PAUL V. OK, by now you've probably heard Lady Gaga 's 'Just Dance' about a gazillion times, right? Well, suck it up, kiddo - because this week's mashup will make you wanna put on some brand new boogie shoes! When matched up with a classic like Eurythmics ' 'Sweet Dreams,' Gaga's 80's electropop influences make even more perfect sense. Stockholm's super talented Divide & Kreate churns out another yet dancefloor stomper - and it's perfect timing for Ms.

Gaga's shows happening in Los Angeles this week! † Listen to Dance Dreams [.mp3 8.8mb] † Enjoy - DJ Paul V. The Smash Mix | Indie 103.1FM | Bootie LA | Dragstrip 66. 1:19 a.m. Friday 13th March 2009 EST
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