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Daniel Merriweather: Daniel Merriweather: Love and ...

Daniel Merriweather had experienced a fair amount of success in his home country of Australia, but it wasn't until his appearance on Mark Ronson's 2007 remake of The Smiths' "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" that the R&B; singer garnered international attention. Songs like the first single, "Change," which stars fellow Allido artist Wale, and "Impossible," are the kind of vintage soul-tinged/boom bap Ronson productions that made Amy Winehouse a superstar, but there are also tracks like "Red" and "Cigarettes" that use a soft pop approach that could easily please the Starbuck's/ Grey's Anatomy crowd..
9:45 a.m. Monday 30th March 2009 EST
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