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Das Ding- Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievement ...

Here's a rare cassette release by a band from the Netherlands called Das Ding, one of many in a line of fantastic European minimal synth bands. Not a ton of information to be gathered about these guys, but the cassette is one of three releases, their first appearing in 1982 and the final in 1985. Not sure when this one hails from, but if anyone in the peanut gallery knows, feel free to chime in.<br/><br/> Otherwise, here's the information proper: Das Ding- Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievement Cassette 1. Oradour Sur Glane 2. Sad But True 3.<br/><br/> Parental Malpractice 4. H.S.T.A. 5.<br/><br/> Jazz 6. Reassurance Ritual * download it here * Stay tuned next week for a slew of donated materials!. 4:02 a.m. Saturday 30th May 2009 EST
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