We Are Hunted

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Troy Von Balthazar is an American singer and songwriter who fronted the Los Angeles based indie rock band Chokebore . His work can be described as lo-fi pop music . Read More

  • David Lynch's musical magic
    David Lynch deploys music in his movies to devastating effect. Ahead of a retrospective, we pick his best statements in sound David Lynch once said: "Sound is almost like a drug. It's so pure that when it goes in your ears, it instantly does something to you." With the exception of perhaps Quentin Tarantino, no one has repurposed music with greater effect in film than Lynch. And so, in light of his forthcoming BFI retrospective, here are some of his greatest musical moments. Mulholland Drive – Llorando The open-ended narrative of Mulholland Drive, coupled with Lynch's surreal technique, lends ...
    Guardian music
    1 February 2012
  • Şubat'ta Istanbul'da Kaçırmamanız Gereken 10 ..
    1- Mando Diao Tarih: 18 Şubat Mekan: KüçükÇiftlik Park - Bilet Fiyatı: 55.00 TL ’ Hurricane Bar’’ ile çıkış yapan ve 2004’te “Yılın Grubu” seçilen İsveçli Mando Diao, 1995’te Björn Dixgård ve Daniel Haglund’un Butler grubunda bir araya gelmelerinden doğdu. İkili 14 ay boyunca kendilerini dış dünyaya kapatıp şarkı yazdılar ve sonunda Mando Diao adıyla çeşitli kulüplerde çalmaya başladılar. Plak şirketi EMI’in dikkatini çeken grup, anlaşma imzaladıktan sonra ilk albümü Bring’Em In’ çıkardı.’Hurricane Bar’ın başarısının ardından 2007’de “Never Seen The Light Of Day” ve 2009’da “Give Me Fire” ile İngiltere listelerine girmeyi ...
    Indie Istanbul
    31 January 2012
  • Sunday, January 22, 2012
    natheless \NEYTH-lis\, adverb: Nevertheless. Natheless is an Old English word. Nā meant "not" in Old English, and the other roots (the and less) have remained constant in modern English. open relationship A euphemism describing a relationship in which one or more participates are cheating. Dude, I heard your girlfriend slept with John, why are you still with her? Nah, it's cool, we're in an open relationship. Trivia How long in earth years is a cosmic year—i.e., the length of time it takes for our solar system to complete one revolution around the center of the Milky ...
    23 January 2012
  • 405 Focus: Fanfarlo
    Upon its release in April 2009, Reservoir , the debut album from London indie-folk troupe Fanfarlo , caused a small sensation among like-minded peers; its phantasmagoric collation of haunting folk tales, whirlwind neo-classical instrumentation, and brain-ingraining melodies, led to rightly deserved critical lauding. Almost three years, and countless shows, down the line and with their sophomore effort Rooms Filled with Light just round the corner (February to be precise), The 405 caught up with Fanfarlo frontman Simon Balthazar ahead of a show at Cargo to chat about everything from the new record to filmmaking dreams gone awry. You can watch the session ...
    The 405
    17 January 2012
  • Album Review: Frank Turner - The Second Thre ..
    With 2011 behind us, it's safe to herald it as the year of Frank Turner. Releasing an absolutely cohesive album, 'England, Keep My Bones' , which ended up being praised on so many end of the year lists as well as an almost sold out (at this time of writing) show at the legendary Wembley Arena looming on the horizon. 'The Second Three Years' is almost a sequel to it's predecessor 'The First Three Year' which contains some of his most heralded material including 'Nashville, Tennessee' , 'Dancing Queen' and a complete reinterpretation of The Postal Service's 'The District ...
    Alter The Press
    16 January 2012
  • NPR’s First Watch: New Music by Fanfarlo
    Fanfarlo made their US radio debut right here on KCRW in September of 2009. The London band brought the voluptuous sounds and soaring harmonies of their debut album, Reservoir to the studios and totally blew us away. You can bet we are elated to have some new material to share from NPR’s First Watch feature! Much to our dismay, the lush orchestral and folky leanings have evolved to include some electronics accessorizing that has me on my head. The familiar belt of lead singer Simon Balthazar breaks through with clarity, but ...
    10 January 2012
  • Balthazar and Jackrock – Aries
    Balthazar and Jackrock - Aries EP released by Renesanz, includes remixes from: Citizen Kain and Dualitik. Genre: Techno.
    Minimal Freaks
    3 January 2012
  • Best of 2011 : le classement MRM des 10 meil ..
    Suite de notre revue de l’année 2011 avec le top 10 des meilleurs concerts. En 2011, prime à l’intensité émotionnelle et à la furie des guitares avec le triomphe de Wu Lyf, The Horrors, Mogwai ou encore Arctic Monkeys… 2011 : Une année en live… Premier constat implacable : nos héros de 2010 sont fatigués. Bien que de passage dans la capitale cette année, Troy Von Balthazar ( #1 du top 2010 ) et Fire">Arcade Fire ( #2 ) n’auront pas réussi à renouveler leurs prestations mémorables et ratent le coche en 2011. Seul Chokebore ( #5 en 2010 ) réussit l’exploit de ...
    Mind Riot Music
    28 December 2011
  • Best of 2011 : Classement MRM des 10 meilleu ..
    Plus que quelques jours à passer en 2011, et au moment où florissent les classements de fin d‘année, le tant attendu MRM top ten albums of the year se dévoile enfin… The Horrors, Noel Gallagher et les Arctic Monkeys en sont les grands vainqueurs… 2011 dans le rétroviseur part 1, c’est parti. A chaud, on pourra soutenir que 2011 aura accouché d’une belle cuvée musicale placée sous le signe de la confirmation. A part le phénomène Wu Lyf on aura vu percer peu de nouveaux groupes cette année mais on aura été ébloui par la confirmation d ...
    Mind Riot Music
    21 December 2011
  • Fanfarlo ve Xiu Xiu ilk konserleri için Ista ..
    Bu hafta yılın en iyi konserlerinden The Antlers’e ev sahipliği yapan Salon, yeni sezon için açıkladığı Vincent">St. Vincent, Tune Yards, The Civil Wars ve King Creosote & Jon Hopkins’ın ardından yeni isimlere yer verdi. 2009’da ilk albümünü yayınlayan ve şu sıralar ikinci albümü için stüdyoda vakit geçiren Isveçli Simon Balthazar’ın önderdiğindeki Ingiliz indie-pop grubu Fanfarlo 16 Şubat’ta , Jamie Stewart ve Angela Seo yani California’lı art rock iklisi Xiu Xiu  7 Nisan’da Salon’da sahne alacak.. Biletler çok yakında.
    Indie Istanbul
    10 December 2011
  • FANFARLO @ DEAF INSTITUTE 23 November 2011 ..
    “ We are called, for the time being, Netherlands ” was not the most confident of starts for this London-via-Southampton four-piece. However if uncertain of name their sound is assured dream-pop, all shimmering guitar, steady floor-tom beats and gorgeous boy-girl harmonies. They may have forgotten a keyboard but if they hadn’t have told us it’s absence wouldn’t have been noticed, their sound felt so complete. Netherlands have a single out next year (“ In January...or February.. ” they weren’t sure of this either) but whenever and whatever they are called it will be worth tracking down. Christos Fanaras turned ...
    Folly of Youth
    24 November 2011
  • Anmeldelse: Balthazar: Huset, København, 201 ..
    Når stormen møder stilheden
    18 November 2011
  • Covered: Franz Nicolay – Balthazar Impresari ..
    I was floored by this song the first time I heard it and it continues to be one of my favorite Frank Turner songs of all time. When our friend Ben Morse tweeted this I could ...
    The Ruckus
    16 November 2011
  • SXSW announce initial list of bands for 2012 ..
    The first batch of artists set to perform at SXSW next year have been announced. You can see the full list below, but remember, if you're a band and want to potentially become an official SXSW showcase band - you have until Friday, November 4th, to apply . Nice to see the likes of Spectrals, Outfit, Jonquil, Fanzine and Big Deal on the list. First Round of Official 2012 Showcasing Artists: Akina Adderley & The Vintage Playboys (Austin TX) Against Me! (Gainesville FL) Agent Fresco (Reykjavík ICELAND) Ambition (Halifax CANADA) ANR (Miami FL) Antoine Reverb (Guadalajara MEXICO) Avalanche City (Auckland NEW ZEALAND ...
    The 405
    2 November 2011
  • Chokebore à la Machine du Moulin Rouge (31/1 ..
    Le fantastique combo culte des années 90 nous avait déjà enchanté pour son retour parisien à la maroquinerie en février 2010, après 8 ans d'absence. Son passage hier à la Machine du Moulin Rouge aura totalement enfoncé le clou. Chokebore est de retour et en grande forme! Devant une salle pleine à craquer et étrangement plutôt jeune (les trentenaires vétérans des shows des nineties du groupe côtoient paisiblement de nombreux jeunes surfant sur leurs belles années...) l'ambiance électrique devient très vite survoltée dès les premières notes du bien nommé Your are the Sunshine of my life. Pop Mod ...
    Mind Riot Music
    1 November 2011
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