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    Coups de Cross (Hocus Pocus)


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  • Bernhoft – Shout (C2C Remix)
    Bernhoft on chromemusic Bernhoft – Shout (C2C Remix)
    4 June 2012
  • Mini-Interview Sportive c2c
    C’est lors du Printemps de Bourges, la semaine passée, que nous avons eu l’occasion de rencontrer les quatre djs qui forment C2C. Et c’est en conférence de presse (faute de mieux..), comme une véritable formation sportive, que nous sommes allés leur poser nos questions. Mais en conférence de presse, il faut savoir partager la parole, [...]
    28 April 2012
  • C2C – Down The Road
    Tracklist: 01. Down the Road – 3:25 02. Arcades – 4:22 03. Someday – 5:11 04. The Beat – 3:29 05. F·U·Y·A – 5:01 06. Down the Road (Irfane Outlines Remix) – 6:13 DOWNLOAD NOW!!! [RAPIDGATOR] DOWNLOAD NOW!!! [1HOSTCLICK]
    15 April 2012
  • C2C – DOWN THE ROAD (Jazz/HipHop – France) ..
    C2C is a French turntable act helmed by 20Syl, Greem, Atom and Pfel. Active since 1998, the combo is part of an emerging movement called “scratch music” (or turntablism), where each member uses his turntable as an instrument, recreating in turn drums or bass, scratching a riff of guitar or adding some sax… C2C – … Continue reading »
    umstrum music
    13 April 2012
    - Frequenze News - Diverse mail nell'ultimo mese ci chiedono a proposito del pezzo che alleghiamo nel player.  In effetti lo passiamo ormai già da inizio anno in trasmissione, a dimostrazione che, alla lunga, scalfisce di più la goccia continua, piuttosto che il fulmine. Ecco, diciamo che se il professionismo in campo di turntablism fosse riconosciuto in termini economici questi signori qua sotto sarebbero ricchi sfondati. C2C , francesi, proprio in questi giorni, dopo la distribuzione radio/divulgativa di fine 2011, escono con la release ufficiale del gioiellino " Down the Road" , un turntablism-electro-blues da piedino in battuta.
    Frequenze Indipendenti
    12 April 2012
  • Rock en Seine festival unveil new additions ..
    Rock en Seine festival unveil new additions, including the likes of The Shins & Bloc Party. Friends, Lissie,The Bewitched Hands, The Dandy Warhols. Eagles of Death Metal, Social Distorsion, Little Dragon, Dionysos, Stuck in the Sound, Franck Ocean, C2C, Agoria, Grandaddy, Caravan Palace and of course The Shins & Bloc Party are set to play the tenth anniversary event, which takes place the 24-26th of August at Domaine National de Saint-Cloud. For more information/tickets (one day tickets are now available) head to rockenseine.com.
    The 405
    3 April 2012
  • C2C – Down The Road EP
    I really don’t understand how France has managed to keep C2C a secret for so long. After stumbling across them on the internet one night, I haven’t been able to stop making myself absorb their incredible blend of organic and … Continue reading →
    Vacay Wave
    3 April 2012
  • Rapture & Verse #9
    For the introduction to this month’s Rapture & Verse , we need one of those gristly, blockbuster film voiceovers, because Naba Napalm...is...‘The Love Bullet’. Which may sound like a soft porn superhero follow-up to 2008’s ‘Underwater Aqualung’, but it won’t have many albums beating it for bassy funk and serious neck snaps with lyrical, stilted psychosis like a UK Kool Keith or a Channel Live/Pharoahe Monch/Ty lean. Touted as a homegrown pioneer but seemingly always a distance away from column inches as he shifts to and from the US East Coast, pick up what comes with an aim sure and true. While on home shores and with cross-pollination running wild, bass embracer Zed Bias has teamed with Rodney P and Fallacy for a potentially bombastic album as Sleepin’ Giantz , with opening act ‘Badungdeng’ setting carnival floats in its sights as it hula-hoops out of speakers. Foreign Beggars continue to show they’ll freak and flagellate any beat, smashing into the turntable tornado of DJ Kentaro for a dubstep demolition derby ‘Step In’, and Aspects get it on with Akira Kiteshi for the slurpy ‘Yes Please’. Then there’s Liverpool’s Bang On!, who’s ‘punk-donk-dub-hip-hop’ (his words, not ours) will create a mosphit filled with 5950s. ‘Got It’ and ‘Munnys’ are bracing Brit-rap knuckle-crackers done in seething Scouse, ‘No Lifts No Ladders’ is a heavily sedated inverse, within a chain of fierce slingshots going for multiple hostile takeovers. It’s called ‘[Sic]’, and is as it says. Straighter shooting comes from Caxton Press, a sextet of redtop rebels with a with-us-or-against-us agenda and whose ‘Shame the Devil’ LP aims to make Satan’s cheeks redder than normal. Boom-bap truth seekers lined with an air of valour, they only know one movement – left, right and forward. Homeboy Sandman’s ‘Chimera’ EP is a head-cleaning half dozen of straight-shooting, radar-skimming raps lying in wait. What the six tracker may lack in perceived personality, the NY rhymer is unafraid of taking his time so the points he makes are indisputable (that is until ‘Hold You Head’ ups into a Drake-ish double-time), with Paul White helping out on the boards twice over. A similarly sized snifter from the JJ Doom confederation has MF Doom and Jneiro Jarel smelting ‘Key to the Kuffs’, a best of both worlds face-off as the pair pool their woozy, wigged out resources and part-time Cockney impersonations (‘Gov’Nor’). The full-length should be a delectable demonstration of hip-hop saying something without really saying anything, riddled with sample-stuffed psychedelics. Following International Women’s Day, TheeSatisfaction’s boho-soul and hip-hop of ‘awE naturalE’ stands up. With some unexpected psychedelic washes making their way through and Shabazz Palaces’ Palaceer Lazaro popping in, it’s lushly produced and with plenty of personality from Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White, harnessing elements of Ursula Rucker meets Sarah Jones meets Jean Grae meets Floetry. It might be a bit too left of centre or poetry slam for some, but it’s worth 30 minutes of time in the sun at the very least, and though they come off forthright and independent, egos play no part. Nicki Minaj is heading for London, Birmingham and Manchester towards the end of June, Kreayshawn is prepping debut album ‘Something About Kreay’, and features on the V Nasty mixtape ‘Doin’ Number$’. Well on her way to baddest bitchdom, Nasty’s shrill slang creation (‘Swobbin’) reps the ‘white girl mob’ and blows toxic bubblegum in a crowded circle of guests, with a series of callously singsong hooks over a booming selection of the Southern frazzled. Happy Mother’s Day. And if Stooshe’s ‘Love Me’ is a guilty pleasure of yours, sneak a peep at Lioness, A Dot and RoxXxann playing pass the mic like it’s a game of spin the bottle on the remix. After time out of the limelight that you’d put down to being a Shady/Aftermath low risk makeweight, Obie Trice’s new LP ‘Bottoms Up’ ain’t too bad. Lots of chest banging over piano-thumping beats from the non-techno listener with crossover routes out (that in fairness aren’t soft and sappy – real name no gimmicks indeed), if you don’t really remember ‘Cheers’ but do remember the style of when G-Unit exploded and Eminem kept hogging the boards, you should get the idea pretty quickly. Talking of the Unit, Young Buck recently escaped unscathed from an 11-shot drive-by; almost an upturn in fortunes given his recent financial and legal problems. Forget all this upfront stuff though, it’s been reissue and dust-off central over at Traffic. Available to pore over are Mantronix’s electro-B-boy lab report ‘King of the Beats’ that’s “better than $100 leather”, and Biz Markie’s ‘The Biz Never Sleeps’, featuring the classic, proto-Tracy Jordan love jam ‘Just A Friend’. Then there’s Boogie Down Production’s ‘South Bronx Teachings’, Del The Funkee Homosapien’s ‘I Wish My Brother George Was Here’, Kool G. Rap & DJ ...
    Clash Music
    28 March 2012
  • C2C Prepare Upcoming E.P “Down The Road” [Up ..
    French DJ/Producer team C2C have announced they will be releasing their forthcoming E.P "Down The Road" on 7th May 2012 in the UK. C2C (20SYL, Greem, Atom and Pfel) have taken a transitional move from the DJ Battle Circuit to the producing scene, with the output the Down the Road E.P.
    27 March 2012
  • It's All 'Bout Joy 2 (Places à gagner) Le la ..
    Joystykc Musique, faiseur de disques digitaux Parisiens, investit une nouvelle fois le Rex Club à l'occasion de la sortie du premier album de Fffrrrreeeq, "Don't givah Fff #onlybuilt4ruffmixnerdz" et invite pFeL (C2C / Beat Torrent) ainsi qu'une poignée de cousins et cousines, histoire de laver son linge sale en famille!
    Empreintes Digitales
    25 March 2012
  • Playlist n°39
    La semaine de la femme / The women week                          ——————————————————————————————           Il y aurait beaucoup de choses à dire sur les femmes mais cela aurait à chaque fois une connotation machiste ou féministe. Alors, plutôt que de mettre un sexe à l’honneur plus que l’autre, nous jouons la carte de l’égalité hommes-femmes (c’est le but de la journée de la femme, non ?). Les filles font une playlist dont vous n’êtes pas prêt de vous remettre (en bien, bien sûr) et moi, je vous fais un article mémorable. (Rassurez-vous, la playlist, elle, vaudra vraiment le coup)                          ——————————————————————————————           There would be ...
    At the side of our sofa
    12 March 2012
  • C2C – Down The Road
    Quatre Djs, quatre pointures. Le talent, lui, s'exprime dans toutes ses formes, quelles que soient ses déclinaisons. Si certains en doutent encore, c'est pourtant le résultat obtenu lorsque Beat Torrent et Hocus Pocus ont choisi de fonder ceux que l'on appelait autrefois Coups 2 Cross. En 2012, C2C va faire parler de lui. C'est écrit...
    25 February 2012
  • C2C
    Turntableism // electronic C2C are a turntable act from France who are expanding into original music production. If you are into turntableism this band cannot be a stranger, having won the DMC team championship 4 of times in a row. If you’re not such a fan of people standing behind record players bobbing their head [...]
    24 February 2012
  • C2C [Down The Road EP]
    Four-time DMC World Champions (2003-2006) C2C are celebrated heroes in their home nation France, yet almost unknown to those unfamiliar with the DJing world. Using the traditional set-up– vinyl and turntables– the foursome have both pioneered and mastered in the art of disc-jockeying. In their new release, an EP titled Down The Road, these skills [...]
    The Metropolitan Jolt
    14 February 2012
  • Down the Road, de C2C
    Vamos a levantarnos hoy con energía, optimismo y ganas de comerse el mundo. Y por qué no, ir a trabajar como si se tratara del comienzo del fin de semana. Así que me van a permitir el tomarme la  licencia de romper un poco la dinámica de artículos y sorprenderos, como solemos hacer aquí en [...]
    9 February 2012

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