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Germany Germany


Germany Germany is the musical alias of Drew Harris, musician/producer/keytarist/resident of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The project started in December, 2009 as a collection of electro-pop tracks submitted to SaG’s Indie Electro Rock Blog out of curiousity. Germany Germany r... Read More

  • [Listen/Download] Germany Germany- Departure ..
    by teepoo Germany Germany is off his hiatus again and working on a new album. The chillwave artist is measurable to the likes of Teen Daze. His previous are all name your price on Bandcamp and are totally a must check out. Here’s a new one called Departure. It’s from a 2 track release alongside [...]
    Ride The Tempo
    2 March 2012
  • morceau du jour: Germany Germany – Departure ..
    And boom! Time is running fast up there in Canada – only two months after sending shockwaves through the endless and ever expanding blogosphere by announcing an indefinite pause to the Germany Germany project, the mastermind producer who is Drew … Continue reading →
    poule d'or
    1 March 2012
  • Germany Germany – Departure
    Remember Germany Germany? He completely took over all of my musical senses with his driven, engrossing anthem “Take Me Home”. That song through the speakers while driving on the highway = pure bliss. Since topping The Hype Machine charts a couple of times and performing a handful of live shows, he was pressured into putting out more music to keep the buzz going, and it wasn’t coming naturally to him. With this in mind, he felt like it was necessary to take a break from the musical project. Well now he’s back, and he’s still as talented as ...
    the chuckness
    28 February 2012
  • Germany Germany with Steffaloo -...
    Germany Germany with Steffaloo - ‘Disconnect’ Following a six month break, Drew Harris is returning to his Germany Germany project and he has a new LP ready to drop, Blank Mind Empty Heart . In the run up to the album release, two tracks have been made available via Bandcamp. ‘Departure’, halcyon electronica with fluttering percussion, and ‘Disconnect’ featuring ghostly-chanteuse-for-hire Steffaloo. ‘Disconnect’ is also a golden, digital tune but the rising synth sheets, bass rattle and vocal sparks have a more stimulating effect.   [Click to download MP3 ][ grmnygrmny.tumblr ][ grmnygrmny.bandcamp ]
    27 February 2012
  • Germany Germany - Departures/Disconnect Aft ..
    Germany Germany - Departures/Disconnect   After taking  a much need break for the world of music. Drew Harris the man behind Germany Germany has returned with two absolutely stunning tracks which will be appearing on his next album Blank Mind Empty Hearts . Due out sometime this summer.  <a href=”http://grmnygrmny.bandcamp.com/album/departure-disconnect” _mce_href=”http://grmnygrmny.bandcamp.com/album/departure-disconnect”>Departure/Disconnect by Germany Germany</a> “I am very proud to announce that as of today, I am returning to the Germany Germany project.  Last August, after releasing Adventures in May ...
    27 February 2012
  • Yes Nice Remixed
    Yes Nice Remixed is a collaboration EP involving Oh No! Yoko, HUMANS, Tribe of Zebras and Germany Germany… download a free copy on their BandCamp here. Horses (HUMANS Remix) by FluidArt Horses (Tribe of Zebras Remix) by FluidArt Empty Spaces (Oh No! Yoko Remix) by FluidArt Posted by John
    Winnie Cooper
    14 February 2012
  • [LP/COVER] Bear Mountain – LIVE AT THE CHINA ..
    ♫ Bear Mountain – Sing Who:  Ian, Doug, & Kyle. What : Soulful loop-pop, like Germany Germany, Ray Lamontagne, Gotye. Where : Vancouver, BC + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon When : Live At The China Cloud is out now. A proper LP is slated for Spring. Why : Live albums are generally rubbish for for diehard fans of outdated bands. And then …
    The Burning Ear
    8 February 2012
  • [MP3] Fort Fairfield – “Patience” (With Cosi ..
    come directly to me, i’ll bring you home  ♫ Fort Fairfield – Patience (With Cosima Lamberth) Who:  Brothers John and Tom Luck. What : Atmospheric space pop. Sounds like Moby, Germany Germany Where : A lake in Sweden + Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon When : 2nd LP The Straw Boys should be out in 2012. Why : What better way to ease …
    The Burning Ear
    2 January 2012
  • Germany Germany – Take Me Home
    Today’s electronic feature to help launch us into the new year is by Victoria Canada’s Germany Germany (aka Drew Harris). This single, Take Me Home is from Drew’s album Adventures (17 tracks) released via cassette and at BandCamp earlier in the year for a whoppin’ $5. The video below was made by an independent filmmaker [...]
    Insomnia Daily Dose
    31 December 2011
  • Cecilia Spectrum - untitled Drew Harris form ..
    Cecilia Spectrum - untitled Drew Harris formally known as Germany Germany just released a stunning 14 min track under what might his new moniker Cecilia Spectrum . Peep this gem now!
    29 December 2011
  • radio 3fach | INDIANER • december 22
    «Indianer» is a weekly show on Lucerne’s Radio 3fach, the radio station we both work for. It’s a show bringing you new tunes from all different types of indie music. It airs every Thursday night from 8–10 pm (Central European Time). This time we’re talking about Germany Germany‘s remastered new record Radiowave II, the debut [...]
    26 December 2011
  • [Listen/Download] Germany Germany- “Radiowav ..
    by teepoo I always get super excited when Germany Germany releases another set of music. Yesterday he released Radiowave II on his Bandcamp. It’s a fantastic army of experimental electronic and is a must have if you’ve enjoyed his previous releases. It’s name your price but please make a donation as 100% of the proceeds [...]
    Ride The Tempo
    16 December 2011
  • New Germany Germany LP
    After an extended leave of absence from music,  Germany Germany are releasing a free LP of songs. It’s called Radiowave II. It will be the last for a while before an indefinite hiatus so lap it uppp. Get the whole album which was released today on Bandcamp for free/donation. All proceeds are going to Make [...]
    Winnie Cooper
    15 December 2011
  • morceau du jour: Germany Germany – 120
    It’s been a wild year 2011 for Canadian bon vivant and mastermind producer Drew Harris aka Germany Germany. After releasing no less than four (4!!) albums last year, one better than the other, he spent this year touring all relevant … Continue reading →
    poule d'or
    13 December 2011
  • Quick Fix!: Plants and Animals | Luke De-Sci ..
    We currently have 275 unread emails in our site inbox, and that doesn’t even include the ones we’ve marked as “Good Stuff” or “Matt Would Make Out With This”.  Woefully, all of the writers at TWJ have day/night jobs that require time to grade and recover from, so we are eagerly anticipating the day [...]
    The Wounded Jukebox
    7 December 2011
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