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Girl Talk


Gregg Michael Gillis, better known by his stage name Girl Talk, is an American musician specializing in mashups and digital sampling. Gillis has released four LPs on the record label Illegal Art, all of which are available at a pay-what-you-want price, and EPs on 333 and 12 Apostles. Read More

  • Watch "Girl Walk" Part 9
    In case you haven't been following the storyline of Girl Walk // All Day, it's an ambitious 12-part dance opera set to All Day, the latest album from smashup expert Gregg Gillis (better known as Girl Talk). Spoiler alert: this is the best one so far. In the last installment , our heroine Anne the dancer went on an ironic shopping spree/trip to Occupy Wall St., but this time around, all the characters begin to interact, and things get weird. The Creep (denoted by his skeleton jumpsuit) appears i
    4 January 2012
  • 2011 FINALE (Live Broadcast 12-31-11)
    Dank Radio - 2011 FINALE - Live Broadcast (12-31-11) by dankradio Eccentric Levels UP into the New Year: Flying Lotus - Caravan of Delight B. Lewis - Your Two Choices Synkro - Girl (Talk) 123mrk - Pleasure Ital Tek - Phantom B. Lewis - All to Myself Lapalux - There are monsters in this Bed Nativity sums up the year with his definite dance floor favorites: 2 Guys In Venice - Cookies Gesaffelstein - Viol Dillon Francis & Diplo feat. Maluca - Que Que feat. Maluca (Torro Torro Remix) Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two Midnight Magic - Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix) Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Cosmic Kids - Reginald's ...
    Dank Radio
    4 January 2012
  • In Photos: Lights All Night 2011
    Tiësto, Girl Talk, Diplo, Neon Indian, and more.
    Consequence of Sound
    2 January 2012
  • Watch: Girl Talk's "Girl Walk"
    In the latest installment of Girl Walk // All Day, our heroine Anne goes on a maddening shopping spree, dancing her way from Bloomingdales to the midtown Apple Store. After getting dolled up, Anne takes to dancing in the streets (in an impressive pump-clad routine) before paying a misguided visit to Occupy Wall St. with quite a selection of consumer goodies in tow. Don't worry, we're 99% sure the spirit of dance will save the day.
    30 December 2011
  • SPIN's 10 Most Innovative Music Videos of 20 ..
    10. FUCKED UP, "QUEEN OF HEARTS" Dir. Scott Cudmore Post-Pink Floyd, singing schoolchildren lost a little of their shock value, but to have them handle the verses of the song as though the story of David and Veronica was already legend adds another layer to Fucked Up's heavily meta rock opera. 9. BEYONCÉ, "COUNTDOWN" Dir. Adria Petty "Girl, show him how you ride it" is a far cry from "All the single ladies," but the six-months-pregnant B is so damn adorable channeling Audrey Hepburn in these frames that she's practically a one-woman .gif assembly line. MORE ON PAGE ...
    29 December 2011
  • Lights All Night
    Dallas, you love the dance music, don't you? Stretched across two nights and three distinctive rooms, Lights All Night promises to be an electronic music event you can probably see from space. Think of it as a DJ buffet: You've got the Dance Hall, featuring Girl Talk, MSTRKRFT, Ghostland O...
    Dallas Observer - Music
    29 December 2011
  • As far as writing goes, I did a lot of it in ..
    As far as writing goes, I did a lot of it in 2011. More of it than I might have ever thought possible. Enough of it to make me a little crazy at times. But not enough of it to make me feel like I never want to write again. The other week, in a conversation with Matthew and B. Michael , I got kind of flustered trying to explain my frustration with not using Tumblr the “traditional” way. I want to publish these short and pithy posts, I said, but every time I set up a draft for one, it ...
    Nervous Acid
    29 December 2011
  • SPIN's Guide to a Real Rockin' New Year's Ev ..
    Where will you be on December 31, 2011? If the answer is "in front of a television set with a bag of Funyans" you have a few options: • Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve will return with host Ryan Seacrest live from New York's Times Square (and Fergie live from somewhere in Los Angeles). The show features Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Florence + the Machine, Blink-182, Justin Bieber, LMFAO, Pitbull, Will.i.am, OneRepublic, Taio Cruz, Gym Glass Heroes, the Band Perry, and Hot Chelle Rae. When/Where: 10 p.m. on ABC • Carson Daly will also be ...
    27 December 2011
  • Ft. Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Wilco & more…: To ..
    I’ve kind of become the resident “classic guitar-driven indie rock” writer here at Indie Shuffle, and I happily shoulder the responsibility. I love me some LCD, will paint my face with the best of them for tUnE-YaRdS, and have been known to dance on stage with Girl Talk… but when it comes to my day-to-day, give me a guy, a guitar, and the kinds of hooks and melodies that just don’t get old. In that spirit, here are my 10 favorite indie rock albums of 2011 — from the punk rock-influenced to the folk, these are the tunes I ...
    indie shuffle
    23 December 2011
  • Watch: Girl Talk's "Girl Walk"
    Ever wish you could just dance out your feelings and intentions instead of getting all bogged down with words? That was the idea behind Girl Talk's Girl Walk // All Day. The feature length music video follows three main characters, the Heroine, the Creep, and the Gentleman, as their lives intersect through dance and the streets of New York City, all set to Girl Talk's latest release, All Day. We've seen a few chapters of this before. Now, meet us after the jump to find out where our charact
    22 December 2011
  • Mash-Up Mondays: Divide & Kreate, DJs From M ..
    I haven’t done a Mash-Up Monday post in a while, and my apologies for that. This blog basically started because of my love for mash-ups and I know a lot of people are getting into this genre because of great mixes from Earworm">DJ Earworm, Girl Talk, Super Mash Bros, Madeon. And this year Mash-Up Germany [...]
    19 December 2011
  • MP3s: Start Listening to Grimes
    When you grow up in the midwest, you almost exclusively experience music in cars. Especially in a state like Michigan, nearly half of your waking hours are dedicated to driving to school, driving to athletic practice, driving to dinner or the grocery store and driving to your girlfriend's house. It was in my dad's truck I first heard Seger's "Old Time Rock & Roll," Zeppelin's "Black Dog," the Stones' "19th Nervous Breakdown" and The Beatles' "Helter Skelter." All foundational music experiences, cars gave me blisters on my ears . Moving to New York meant losing my car, which also meant no more shouted sing-a-longs to Minor Threat or Killing Joke , no more putting Girl Talk or Lil Wayne on blast and no more first listens to bands I'd come to love. Rain, snow, or shine, I had a gluttony of CD cases ready to soundtrack wherever I was going, whoever I was with. What I never accounted for in the big city was its subway. Sure, commutes to and from work are overly-congested, hardly a place to experience something like For Emma, Forever Ago , but there are few things better than the isolation offered by 1 a.m. rides with a belly full of scotch. The way underground lights flicker and sway before giving way to the stars over the Manhattan bridge, the Hudson's reflection and Lady Liberty's spotlights--It's the closest I've come to matching my old Accord's stereo system. For the past few months, I've seen the name Grimes pop up everywhere. Friends on Twitter gave shout-outs, MP3s cropped up on Tumblr and music bloggers were abuzz, but for whatever reason, her music flopped onto the "I'll get to it later" stack on my harddrive. It wasn't until a recent night-owl trip on the Q train that "Oblivion" came on in my earbuds; the perfect backdrop for what I was hearing. Equally parts pop-diva, John Carpenter , New Order and GarageBand , the Canadian-born singer has this weird, etherial quality about her, something that's hard to put a finger ...
    The Citizen Insane
    17 December 2011
  • Watch: Girl Talk's "Girl Walk"
    Girl Talk's All Day is meant as a whole and is only broken up into individual tracks for navigation. This is not just a concept. Gregg Gillis' intent, while never completely known, is to make a homogeneous substance out of everyone's favorite songs. A mashup, while comprised of hundreds of copyright-wary nuggets, is something new, a force because it is unified. Perhaps the greatest tribute to this idea is Girl Walk // All Day, a 71-minute feature length music video featuring Girl Talk's seam
    14 December 2011
  • Festivals in Brief: Lights All Night, Falls, ..
    WHAT : Lights All Night WHEN : December 30-31 WHERE : Dallas, TX WHO : Girl Talk, Diplo, RJD2, Neon Indian, MSTRKRFT, Caspa, more WHAT : The Falls Festival WHEN : December 28 - January 1 WHERE : Lorne and Marion Bay, Australia WHO : Fleet Foxes, Arctic Monkeys, Beirut, Crystal Castles, Dan Deacon, CSS, Fleet Foxes, J Mascis, Metronomy, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, CANT, more WHAT : Snowglobe Festival WHEN : December 29-31 WHERE : Lake Tahoe, CA WHO : A-Trak, Thievery Corporation, Theophilus London, Star Slinger, YACHT, Mux Mool, more WHAT : Rhythm and Vines WHEN : December 29-31 WHERE : Gisborne, New Zealand WHO : Cut Copy, Grandmaster Flash, Architecture in Helsinki, Calvin Harris, Skream ...
    13 December 2011
  • Basic Physics – Winter Warmup EP
    We might have a new mashup king on our hands. With transitions that would make Girl Talk proud, Physics">Basic Physics has shown he has mastered more than just the basics (see what I did there?) with his new EP. With solid synths and rhythmic bass lines, he spins together catchy tunes into unique and [...] Related posts: Swedish House Mafia + Twista + Kanye West = Miamibiza Celebrity by Physics">Basic Physics New Physics">Basic Physics x Britney Spears x Dillon Francis Daily Tracks: Dirtyloud x Dada Life, Lazy Rich, Physics">Basic Physics x Mord Fustang x Daft Punk x Mike Posner
    9 December 2011
  • Feed the Animals
    • Play Your Part (Pt. 1)
    • Shut the Club Down
    • Still Here
    • What It's All About
    • Set It Off
    • No Pause
    • Like This
    • Give Me a Beat
    • Hands in the Air
    • In Step
    • Let Me See You
    • Here's the Thing
    • Don't Stop
    • Play Your Part (Pt. 2)
  • It Feels Like This
  • Night Ripper
    Illegal Art
    • Once Again
    • That's My DJ
    • Hold Up
    • Too Deep
    • Smash Your Head
    • Minute By Minute
    • Ask About Me
    • Summer Smoke
    • Friday Night
    • Hand Clap
    • Give And Go
    • Bounce That
    • Warm It Up
    • Double Pump
    • Overtime
    • Peak Out
  • Secret Diary
    Illegal Art
    • Let's Start This Party Right
    • I Want You Back
    • Ffun Haave To
    • What If...
    • Time to Get Glamorous
    • Unicorn vs. Gravity
    • The Right Stuff
    • Fun in the Sun
    • Jumpin(g)
    • Friends 4 Ever
  • Unstoppable
    Illegal Art
  • Girl Talk
    Linn Records
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  • Dec. 7, 2011, 4 p.m.
    User Rating
  • Nov. 15, 2011, 11:58 a.m.
    User Rating
  • Nov. 6, 2011, 3:46 p.m.
    its like all these annoyingly catchy songs came together to make one beautiful mess...and i love it ;)
    User Rating
  • Nov. 1, 2011, 12:30 p.m.
    User Rating
  • Oct. 27, 2011, 10:01 p.m.
    so many old songs i used to listen to wrapped into a modern mash
    User Rating
  • Oct. 24, 2011, 8:40 p.m.
    very old school, diggin it (:
    User Rating

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