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Jackson Browne – Live @ Cologne
Photo from Leaky Sparrow – Jackson Browne – E-Werk, Cologne – April 17, 2009 – More pics here Few words about Jackson Browne ’s performance last Friday in Köln. I ...
Leaky Sparrow - 7:03 a.m. Tuesday 21st April 2009 EST
Sebastian Tellier
French singer and multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Tellier is back, with a brand new offering entitled Kilometer EP . It highlights Kilometer and Roche ... two songs from last year's Sexuality album ...
::: Off the Radar ::: - 6:20 a.m. Tuesday 21st April 2009 EST
Fenech-Soler "Airbrushed"
Alan Braxe’s (Stardust fame) Vulture label presents the debut single from FENECH-SOLER , The Cult Of Romance released on 11th May . Fenech-Soler produce perfectly distilled post-millennial dancefloor pop. The ...
LA Friendly - 1:25 a.m. Tuesday 21st April 2009 EST
ALBUM: Hold Time by M. Ward
So I've been waiting way too long to write something about this record. I fell in love with it way back in January when it was streaming on NPR, and ...
whale in a cubicle - midnight Tuesday 21st April 2009 EST
Run Hide Survive
So I like to think I represent the Sheffield electronic music scene well, if you are a long time reader you'd know that 90% of my posts at least mention ...
Louis Louis - 7:40 a.m. Sunday 19th April 2009 EST
Mythbusters Vaporize A Car
I’ll let you see the video. Words can’t possibly serve it justice. They send a rocket sled going at 650 mph head on into a car and, well, the car ...
The Pelican's Perch - 7:24 a.m. Saturday 18th April 2009 EST
the fear- john
Peep the new silly hotness from New Kids on the Glock. This time around we have a little ditty from Lilly Allen. Have any favorite songs that you would like ...
Party Ends - 6:33 a.m. Saturday 18th April 2009 EST
Daft Punk The Game
* Click here to go to the game! So, even though I love Justice - this game is pretty dope. Here's the story - Justice has stolen Daft Punk's (you) ...
Penned Madness - 2:38 a.m. Saturday 18th April 2009 EST
Mail Rules
Be Back to properly set these tracks up in a bit. I love them with all my heart. Setting themselves way apart from the rest of the remix world, Emil ...
Nashville Nights - 1:49 a.m. Saturday 18th April 2009 EST
Bronnt Industries Kapital - Hard For Justice
Il nome di Lucio Fulci rievoca perfettamente l’immaginario cinematografico che gravita attorno alla musica marchiata…
Indie For Bunnies - 4 p.m. Friday 17th April 2009 EST
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