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KO KO is the Southern California dream-pop collective of brothers Ryan and Taylor Lawhon with various contributors ranging from Los Angeles to San Diego. In the land of perpetual sunshine, the music is created by friends writing songs who, like them, have never seen a real winter.

  • KO KO – Float Away
    I’ve been debating posting about KO KO for some time now. Occasionally, I can’t get enough of the first single we got from them just over a month back, ‘Float Away’. More often than not, though, it aggravates me. It’s a strange predicament to find yourself in – totally digging a track on some days [...]
    One A Day
    7 June 2012
  • KO KO – Float
    LA kids? Yup, I know you can tell. These guys got some bumping’ show up in Vegas sometime or recently. Anyways, they done doin’ real good for a couple o’ twerps. Keep it up. Download their single “Float” free here. Quickie hype by John
    Winnie Cooper
    30 May 2012
  • KO KO - "Float"
    KO KO's music is built for summer. The southern California dream-pop duo, consisting of brothers Ryan and Taylor Lawhon, have "never known winter;" their debut EP, Float, is every bit as pleasant and consistent as the 75 degree weather that the Lawhon boys are accustomed to. The single and title track "Float"...
    23 May 2012
  • KO KO – Float
    Between this song and new Passion Pit, you’re privy to 90% of my listening habits this week. Those two songs have been on near repeat–listening at work, driving in the ...
    1146 Miles
    17 May 2012
  • Ones To Watch: KO KO
    KO KO are three for three on their EP, giving us 10 minutes of pure glory and a fantastic introduction to a band that is bringing some exciting things to the table.
    Listen Before You Buy
    17 May 2012
  • Ko Ko – “Float”
    Airy, guilt-free pop music is so hot right now. When you consider the success of acts like Foster the People, Gotye, and most recently The Neighbourhood, it’s easy to see why this sound and genre is being so openly explored by independent young artists. The newest such embodiment of this style comes by way of [...]
    Pigeons and Planes
    16 May 2012
  • Lisa Mitchell – Neopolitan Dreams (Sound Rem ..
    Here’s another great remix from Sound Remedy, this time taking on the track “Neopolitan Dreams” by Lisa Mitchell. We just featured his KO KO remix.. another great one. He does a great job at keeping the overall vibe of the original vocals, yet giving it the bass heavy kick. I also included a bonus remix [...]
    15 May 2012
  • KO KO – Float (Polaris At Noon Remix)
    KO KO’s “Float” is perfect, breezy, summer-day listening. This we already knew. What I didn’t know was that these dudes who go by Polaris At Noon would do a spacey re-work and completely flip the original track on it’s head. Get involved. Download: KO KO – Float (Polaris At Noon Remix) Tweet
    the chuckness
    15 May 2012
  • KO KO – Float (Polaris At Noon Remix)
    KO KO, the brotherly Californian duo comprised of Brothers Ryan and Taylor Lawhorn created a song that for us, has defined why we love the music of 2012. Intimate lyrics with gently catchy melodies, their single “Float” is a refreshing summer pop tune perfect for producers like Sound Remedy and Polaris At Noon to manipulate. We featured Sound Remedy’s remix last week, and today we bring you a much relaxing and more subtle rendition from another Californian producer, Polaris At … →
    The Music Ninja
    14 May 2012
  • KO KO – Float (Polaris At Noon Remix)
    Visit Indie Shuffle to download. Sounds like: Washed Out, M83 Song: KO KO - Float (Polaris At Noon Remix) [download here ] What's so good? By now, my guess is that you’ve KO KO’s “Float” played a few times. We’ve covered the original , shared a remix by Sound Remedy , and in general touted the undeniable catchiness of the LA-based band’s whistling intro. So, if you haven’t heard it, you obviously don’t check our website enough ;-) Today, we’ve got an exclusive premier of a remix by Polaris at Noon’s Jason Suwito, who incidentally plays ...
    indie shuffle
    14 May 2012
  • KO KO – Float (Sound Remedy Remix) : Must He ..
    Indie music and dubstep.. almost as good of a combination as Jameson Whiskey and Ginger Ale… it just works so well. This latest remix from Sound Remedy takes on a new indie group KO KO and blasts their track “Float” full of smooth catchy dubstep. This is a perfect summer anthem. Turn it up, leave [...]
    9 May 2012
  • KO KO – Float (Sound Remedy Remix)
    Sound Remedy, the Los Angeles producer is a nomad in the EDM scene constantly changing from hardcore electro, to dubstep, indie-dance and straight up experimental. We first posted about him early 2011 and in just 12 short month Sound Remedy production quality, style and even the emotional overtone of each track gave matured, ultimately bringing us to this track. His latest remix of Float by the Los Angeles brotherly duo Ko Ko is perfect summer song for those fans leaning … →
    The Music Ninja
    8 May 2012
  • Float Away With KO KO
    Image source: Facebook The California-based band of brothers KO KO , makes chill, easy breezy tunes, much like the golden state in which they reside. Comprised of Ryan and Taylor Lawhon, the duo recently released their debut EP, Float. Short and sweet, the three song EP will have any listener feeling light-hearted. It was music written for lounging on the beach, or a boat (the inspiration behind the name). Press play and let the daydreaming commence.
    7 May 2012
  • Float (Sound Remedy Remix) – KO KO
    The brother duo of Ryan and Taylor Lawhon created an amazing indie-pop-Summer record with “Float“, released earlier this year. Here we have Sound Remedy‘s rendition, which fuses French-inspired electro beats, drum-step beats and a prominent baseline that quietly rides along until its dubstep explostion at 1:45. It’s a little hard at first, but of course [...]
    the kollection
    6 May 2012
  • Download KO KO – Float (Sound Remedy Remix) ..
    Seattle In High Def
    5 May 2012

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