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The Royal Concept


The Royal Concept has - since they were formed earlier this year (2011) by musicians around Robyn, Tove Styrke and Veronica Maggio - created a genuine buzz in Sweden, not least since they surprised everyone at the Peace & Love Festival with a rammed show everyone seemed to talk about...

  • The Rip Tide (Official Video) – Beirut
    It isn’t every day that a visual comes along this striking and this beautiful. I love the concept and the evolution of the video across its four and a half minutes. Here’s what Beirut had to say about the video: I always felt that “The Rip Tide” wasn’t fully able to project its own ambitions [...]
    the kollection
    30 June 2012
  • POZ Review: Every Time I Die - Ex Lives
    With their latest effort Ex Lives , Every Time I Die have gone from scene staple to seminal outfit. They’ve seemingly earned the prerogative to declare what in the stagnating hardcore scene is wheat, and what is chaff, having dominated the rank-and-file and outlasted the bulk of their contemporaries. Every Time I Die are now the tastemakers, once fighting to establish themselves with albums like Hot Damn! and Gutter Phenomenon . However, the mere fact that ETID is and will forever remain an alt-scene favorite (that is, until Keith Buckley develops cirrhosis) doesn’t excuse their reliance on a now-formulaic tone ...
    30 June 2012
  • Interview: Frances Cone On Breaking Up, Bill ..
    Frances Cone will have you coming back to her music again and again and again with her stunning, soulful voice and candid songwriting. Gearing up for the release of her debut album, the attention is starting to build surrounding Cone and her first single "Come Back". Since Cone posted the music video on YouTube last month, "Come Back" has premiered on the fashion blog Refinery 29 , and Deli Magazine has featured the singer as an "Artist On The Rise." Charleston born and Brooklyn-based, Cone radiates warmth in song and in person. Earlier this week, the singer and I met for ...
    30 June 2012
  • Short film made for Beirut's 'Rip Tide': Wat ..
    Director Houmam Abdullah has created a stirring new film to accompany the title track of Beirut's 2011 album The Rip Tide . Watch the film below. Beirut man Zach Condon had the following to say about the project: "I always felt that "The Rip Tide" wasn't fully able to project its own ambitions in song form.. no matter how it was performed or recorded, it felt contained by sound alone... I wanted more, as I often do with my music, and this is not a bad thing. Growing to accept a song's limits is part of the process ...
    29 June 2012
  • Video Vacuum - Future Of The Left, King Khan ..
    It's been a shitty week to be on holidays. But all I've been up to is writing, editing, watching movies (Win Win and The Revenant were two pretty ace films) and TV shows (The Walking Dead, Being Human - the UK one, Boardwalk Empire), interviewing and (surprisingly) exercising, so it hasn't been too bad. But Im heading out into the last semblance of sunshine we may have for a while, and I want to give you drones at work something to hold onto. So here are four great vids for four great tracks. Enjoy! It's sad to ...
    Sonic Masala
    29 June 2012
  • Andre Anjos of RAC talks Beginnings, Origina ..
    The Remix Artist Collective has been an intriguing development over the past 5 years - with the first official remix being cooked up in 2007, and maturing into a catalog of incredible depth, official DJ sets, and an original album in the works.  After seeing founding member Andre Anjos spin sets at SXSW and the Sweetlife Festival this past spring, we caught up with him via phone for a talk upon the finer things... We'd love to learn more about your early happenings - tell us about the origins, and at first did you mean for this to be a collective ...
    Vibe To This
    29 June 2012
  • Wishes and Thieves, 'Forest Fire' --Video of ..
    Filed under: Video of the Day Artist: Wishes and Thieves Video: "Forest Fire" Highlight: "Working on the 'Forest Fire' video project was a whirlwind experience for us", the band tells Spinner. "From the drive from NYC to Rockport, Mass. in a car full to the brim with props and instruments, to the live footage shot at 2AM. Even though we hashed out the concept in advance of the shoot with our directors, Mike Rogers and Megan Shea, it was certainly an experience to see the kind of focus and vision that goes into a film shoot especially with only a ...
    29 June 2012
  • Can – The Lost Tapes (2012)
    The concept sounds like a bit of a nightmare: an in-depth excursion into the discarded mastertapes of a band known for lengthy, sometimes mind-boggling sound journeys. The Can formula is in full effect: vocalists Malcolm Mooney and replacement Damo Suzuki ramble oddball lyrics over dense, repetitive grooves. While krautrock was an outlier in the 1970s music scene, Can’s brand was [...]
    Something Else! Reviews
    28 June 2012
  • Music Video: Whitney Houston ft Jordin Spark ..
    A music video made in support of Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston 's duet " Celebrate " has arrived in full. In the clip, the "Battlefield" songstress is featured having fun together with her " Sparkle " co-stars, including Derek Luke, Omari Hardwick, Goapele, Carmen Ejogo and Tika Sumpter , as they dance at a house party. Jordin explains the concept of the video with the following: " We planned on it being Whitney and me, but she's not here, so we wanted to make it a tribute to her, " the winner of "American Idol" season 6 told BET about the clip. In an interview ...
    28 June 2012
  • tokyobike london = a cycling alternative for ..
    a few weeks ago we swung by the opening of a new cycling concept store in the Old Street area of London. tokyobike, as the name suggests, is a brand of simple yet stunning bicycles stemming out of the Yanaka suburb in Tokyo. its aim is simple: to create beautiful, modern looking cycles built for city [...]
    colectivo futuro
    28 June 2012
  • Death Grips- “Double Helix”
    Death Grips drops some new visuals for the track “Double Helix.” Like most music videos from these guys, the concept is simple, the budget it low, but it still manages to achieve a weird originality. Rapping into the camera built into the back of a car that’s supposed to help drivers avoid accidents an incredibly [...]
    28 June 2012
  • Postcards From Page Side: “Some Good Points, ..
    As we find ourselves in the midst of arguably the most-highly touted Phish tour since their return at Hampton in 2009, fans are often overloaded with info – before, during, and immediately after the shows. Between certain outlets, such as this one, and social media sites, such as Twitter & Facebook as well as the instant gratification of smart phones and official (and sometimes unsolicited) webcasts, fans are allowed to surf “couch tour” at home, while never having to fire up the VW Bus in the driveway. [All Photos From Burgettstown by Michael Stein ] While these attempts serve to satisfy the insatiable ...
    Hidden Track
    28 June 2012
  • The Royal Concept – Gimme Twice
    From the lead singer’s voice, to the guitar riffs, it’s quite obvious this band sounds EXACTLY like Phoenix. But let’s not let that steal their identity as a friggin’ sweet band. Check out their video for their single “Gimme Twice” above, and I’ll add a stream of the song below. Cheers. The Royal Concept – [...]
    tell all your friends music
    28 June 2012
  • 15 Questions to Noah Creshevsky
    Some composers want to share their understanding of the world in their work - others compose to understand certain aspects of the world in the first place. Noah Creshevsky, for example, is still as curious as ever about the idea of "hyperrealism" - a term he is now mostly associated with. Creshevsky does not claim to have invented the concept, even though he may currently be its most prominent protagonist. What he has done, however, is to make use of contemporary technology to bring its principal propositions to the fore as clearly as never before. In his hands, the listener is presented ...
    27 June 2012
  • Famous First Words - Fixers
    A strong narrative is integral to the success of any project which holds itself to have literal value. While seemingly obvious, it is a message which has been lost in translation. Within the realm of songwriting it holds a natural juxtaposition with music itself. While both are, by nature, restrictive - you have to stay within the solid parameters of either the alphabet or rigid note structures - it is while confined by these borders that the possibilities within them are virtually infinitesimal. This is what makes language so important a tool to master. And, when an artist is performing - whether on ...
    Clash Music
    27 June 2012

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